Looking to finance your next Mercedes Benz?

In conjunction with our finance partners Creative Funding Solutions, we can provide competitive Personal Contract Purchase plans. Similar to hire purchase, but instead of paying off the entire value of the car, you only pay the depreciation value. At the end of the term you with return the car, update it and begin a new term or buy the vehicle at the residual price agreed at the start of the loan. This means a much lower monthly payment than with a hire purchase on the same vehicle.

PCP plans from Creative Funding Solutions are market leading for a number of reasons:

  • Rate - they are highly competitive and challenge you to get a better deal elsewhere. 
  • Large Residual Values -  they use underwriters who understand the future value of your car, they don't just take a conservative view on the future book value.
  • Small or No Deposit deals
  • Market Leaders - 5 year PCP deals - even your drean car could become a reality.

Creative Funding Solutions can even finance your classic car purchase.

For more details, message Wayne Wickham at Creative Car Solutions